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Wolf Ridge Week 2012

Class trips like the annual 7th-8th grade trip to Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center are a cornerstone of progressive education. Middle schoolers spend an autumn week in northern Minnesota immersed in nature exploration, cultural history, outdoor skills, team-building, and personal growth. Parent volunteer Wendy Lutter shares their adventures.

A Fine Spring Day at a Nature Center

The kindergarten class spent part of this glorious May day at Harriet Alexander Nature Center in Roseville. Marshall and his class explored the woods and nature center together, learning about trees, bees, and what makes a habitat.

Shane Zack, Bluegrass Mandolinist

When Shane Zack is not busy teaching science, wrangling FSMN students or telling hilarious stories, he picks up his mandolin. We asked Shane how he got interested in bluegrass music and where one might hear his two bands play around town.