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State Science and Engineering Fair 2013

Please congratulate 7th graders Sophia, Lauren, Flannery, and 8th grader Tessa for participating in last month’s State Science and Engineering Fair. Approximately 2500 6th-12th grade students participated in regional science fairs across the state. These four Friends School of Minnesota girls were chosen at the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair to proceed to the state fair.

Teacher Stephen Moe Receives 2013 Seagate Science Mentor Award

Friends School of Minnesota science teacher Stephen Moe received the Minnesota Academy of Science – 2013 Seagate Science Mentor Award. The award recognizes Steve’s outstanding work with FSMN’s middle school  students and their science fair projects. Congratulations, Steve! Minnesota Academy of Science – 2013 Seagate Science Mentor Award The Seagate Science Mentor Award recognizes middle school and senior high school science teachers who promote science education in their schools and.. Read More

Within a Gem: The 3rd and 4th Grade Play

Last month, Friends School of Minnesota 3rd and 4th graders performed their original play Within A Gem,  a musical mystery which takes place at Plumnut Academy for super heroes. The kids did a wonderful job throughout this whole process. Yes, we put on a play.  But students also learned a great deal about working together and depending upon one another. They learned about timing and comedy and memorization. They learned how to.. Read More

The Science and Art of Minnesota Birds

Third and fourth grade students recently completed a multi-disciplinary study of Minnesota birds. We started with a science unit taught by 3rd-4th grade teacher Kak Jarvis and Environmental Education Coordinator Kris Bennett. Students conducted individual studies of a native bird species of their choice. Research included identification tips such as body size and shape, feathers, beaks and feet, as well as habitat, range, and behavior. Using Powerpoint and voice recording,.. Read More

Science Experiment is Full of Hot Air

Friends School of Minnesota 8th graders have been studying states of matter. To learn about how gases behave they worked in groups to build tissue balloons of various sizes. They predicted which hot-air balloons would go higher: smaller/lighter balloons or bigger/heavier balloons. Then they went to the gym and filled  them with hot air to see if they were correct in their predictions. Classes of younger students came to watch such.. Read More

Found Object Insects

First and second grade students have been studying insects in science and art. We watched butterflies and mealworms go through complete metamorphosis. We closely observed every stage in this process and recorded our observations using both pictures and words in science journals. We also explored many different mediums during this study in order to deepen our learning and understanding of insects. Children explored drawing pencils, black line pen and watercolor,.. Read More

Painting Unity

Third and fourth grade students worked in groups to create paintings using circles as a unifying principle. We talked about various symbolic meanings of circles, including unity and community. After some initial brainstorming, each student had several designs. Then, in groups students looked for common elements in their drawings and tried to come up with a theme. It was difficult for some groups to agree at first, but eventually they.. Read More