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South America Comes to Friends School of Minnesota

A giant map of South America filled half of the gym last week! Each year, National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps rents out a floor map of a continent to schools across the nation.  The Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education (MAGE) brings the traveling map to Minnesota schools.  We had such great success with the map of Asia last year that our humanities teacher Melissa Andersen applied for a visit from the map of.. Read More

Middle School Soccer 2013-14

Friends School of Minnesota soccer is open to all FSMN students in grades 5-8. Our teams are co-ed, and we play other teams from League of Independent School Teams (LIST) schools. The mission of LIST is to promote the development of skill, teamwork and sportsmanship, to build community and foster friendships between the various schools and participants, and to encourage students to play. The league is based on the principles of mixed-gender.. Read More

Article: Schools find active kids make smarter students

Monday’s Star Tribune had a good article about the importance of physical activity during the school day. “Schools find active kids make smarter students” by HERÓN MÁRQUEZ ESTRADA , Star Tribune “Local results echo a growing body of research showing a connection between physical activity and academic performance.”

Meet Assistant Volleyball Coach Hannah

I am so fortunate and excited to be a part of the FSMN volleyball program.  I am currently just down the road studying at Hamline University.  I will be double majoring in Global Studies and Political Science and double minoring in Russian and Spanish. As for my volleyball career, it started, like so many of the students at Friends School, in 5th grade when I was able to participate in.. Read More