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River Field Trip #2: Climate Change

It was a busy week as Friends School of Minnesota 5th and 6th graders headed out on their second River Trip. We returned to Fort Snelling State Park on Friday, October 30 for a special event organized by the National Park Service, Minnesota State Parks, and Will Steger Foundation (now called the Climate Generation). The topic was climate change and the students participated in the following activities: Introduction to park.. Read More

Big River Journey 2015 – 5th and 6th Grade

Last Friday, Friends School of Minnesota 5th and 6th graders took a trip called “Big River Journey”. This was an extension of the field trips that 6th graders took last year as part of our “River Year.”  We started the day at Fort Snelling State Park doing land-based activities before boarding a riverboat for a science-based afternoon onboard the boat. We ended the day at Harriet Island in downtown St Paul. Activities included: Artifacts Soldier Hike Cultural.. Read More

4th Graders Tackle “Go Math”

For a lot of parents, the way math is taught these days is pretty different from what we remember. Watching your child solve long division problems using a “new” method, for example, can be baffling… or enlightening. At progressive education schools like Friends School of Minnesota, there is a greater emphasis on conceptual understanding and mathematical literacy. As FSMN is not academically selective, our students’ math abilities vary quite a bit… Read More

September Field Trip to Crosby Farm

Friends School of Minnesota 7th and 8th graders made their first of many trips to Crosby Farm Regional Park today! This year-long series of field trips is part of an integrated unit of study coordinated with the middle school science, math, humanities teachers and specialists. We gathered by the river to take river notes, measure the air and water temperature, current rate, wind speed, and river height. We then discussed phenology and.. Read More

Curriculum Improvement at Friends School of Minnesota: Middle School Math

Kris Bennett, Friends School of Minnesota’s new middle school math teacher, spent substantial time last year reviewing middle school math benchmarks, along with the new Common Core Math Standards. She identified that students would benefit from more in depth study of each concept, along with more practice with computation and algorithms. We have revised our middle school benchmarks and programs to address these and other goals.