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Kindergarteners Explore Art Through Provocations

Friends School of Minnesota kindergarteners have weekly art class. This fall, we have been focusing on tools and processes using a variety of materials. During each class, I give them a “provocation” or question to focus on while they work. Some of the provocations they have explored: What happens when I use water to mix materials? Which materials blend together and which materials stay put? What new forms can you.. Read More

First Day of School 2013-14

It’s a great first day! Here we go! The anticipation (and perhaps dread for some) is over, the school year has begun. I have spent the day circulating among classrooms, meeting students, and observing teachers and students set expectations for the year. There is a very positive energy in the air, and today, no one is absent! I know I am biased, but this is an amazing school full of.. Read More

First Day of Kindergarten: Lunch!

What a beautiful day to welcome our new kindergarten class. The seventeen new students spent the morning learning their new routines and getting acquainted. Then it was time for everyone’s favorite time of the day: lunch!

Story Workshop in Kindergarten

One of the great things about working in a progressive education school like Friends School of Minnesota, is that learning and teaching remain fresh, vibrant, and full.  Our school supports teachers and learners to take risks and expand their creative vision, and knowledge base. In this spirit of trying out new and exciting ideas, I introduced kindergarten students to a new structure for learning called Story Workshop. FSMN K-4 teachers have been.. Read More