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The Science and Art of Minnesota Birds

Third and fourth grade students recently completed a multi-disciplinary study of Minnesota birds. We started with a science unit taught by 3rd-4th grade teacher Kak Jarvis and Environmental Education Coordinator Kris Bennett. Students conducted individual studies of a native bird species of their choice. Research included identification tips such as body size and shape, feathers, beaks and feet, as well as habitat, range, and behavior. Using Powerpoint and voice recording,.. Read More

Field Trip to Red Wing Public Works

Friends School of Minnesota fifth and sixth grade students traveled to Red Wing, Minnesota to see a downstream section of our mighty Mississippi River and visit the public works. They are studying water and food systems through a year-long, interdisciplinary unit in science, math, humanities and the arts.

Found Object Insects

First and second grade students have been studying insects in science and art. We watched butterflies and mealworms go through complete metamorphosis. We closely observed every stage in this process and recorded our observations using both pictures and words in science journals. We also explored many different mediums during this study in order to deepen our learning and understanding of insects. Children explored drawing pencils, black line pen and watercolor,.. Read More

All School Crosby Farm Day

Last week, the whole school went down to the Mississippi River at Crosby Farm Regional Park. The 7th and 8th graders organized teaching stations about the lake, river, forest and fields to share their year’s work at this natural area in St. Paul.