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Welcome Back to School!

It is such a pleasure to welcome everyone back to school. It is wonderful to see the hallways full of children and brimming with energy and excitement. We are looking forward to an amazing year. Here are some key dates for the upcoming weeks: First Day of School Welcome and Meeting for Worship Tuesday, September 5, 2017 9:30-10:15am: All School Meeting for Worship in the gym 10:15-11:00am: Coffee for guests in the.. Read More

The Making of a Ciudad

Tundra and Bayou Spanish students have been creating their imaginary “ciudad” (city) using the vocabulary we have learned in this unit. Groups had some basic requirements they needed to include on their maps. They worked in small groups and were challenged to make creative designs. Each city has an imaginary name. You can see these projects in the hallway and stairwell closest to La Mesa classroom. It’s been a fun.. Read More

An 8th Grader Offers Tips for Entering Middle School–It’s Not That Scary

How is middle school at FSM different than lower school? There’s more homework and you have a different teacher for every class, but you still go to MFW and specialists, and you’re still with people you know. I came to FSM in fifth grade, which is the start of middle school. That’s two big changes all at once. First of all, it’s more homework, and you have seven or eight.. Read More

Join Us – FSM’s Summer Program is Open to the Whole Community

Do your children want to make a film just like the professionals do? How about building a rocket and sending it soaring into the sky? Do they have a secret stash of poems they want to share? Feel a need to express themselves through paint and paper-folding? Maybe they’d rather argue for the defense in a real courtroom? Friends School will be the place to do that–and more–from June 19-August.. Read More

7th Grader Pema Writes About Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are important to the Friends School of Minnesota community as demonstrated in our mission statement, diversity statement and our actions. A part of the diversity statement says, “Our vision is to ensure that all members of the FSM community feel that they are known and that they belong. Recognizing and appreciating that our differences make our experiences of the world fuller, we seek to build a community.. Read More

6th Graders Taste Test Water and Guess Who Wins??!!

6th graders have been busy following up their tour of St Paul Regional Water Services with a water unit comparing St Paul tap water to commonly purchased bottled waters. Students started with a blind taste test of 10 waters, 8 of which were bottled water, and 2 of which were either St Paul tap water or Minneapolis tap water. They ranked their preferences then tallied the results. Amazingly, St Paul.. Read More

Alissa and Sara Present Conflict Resolution Program at NAIS Conference in Baltimore

Friends School of Minnesota’s Conflict Resolution Program embodies many qualities that reflect our mission, our values and our progressive educational practice. On March 1-2, Alissa Abelson (Jungle Teacher and Conflict Resolution Coordinator) and Sara Wayne (K-8 Spanish teacher and middle school advisor) presented our conflict resolution program at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) in Baltimore, Maryland at their annual convention. The NAIS theme this year was “From Vision.. Read More

6th Grade Studies Earthquakes

In November, Friends School of Minnesota 6th graders were studying earthquakes. We finished our earthquake resistant buildings (engineering). We practiced earthquake events (by modeling). The students made layers of the earth’s crust out of different colors of modeling clay. They sliced a “fault” through the earth and practiced strike-slip movement, reverse faults, and hanging faults. The next day they modeled different earthquake waves using Slinky springs. They pushed for P waves, shook side-to-side for.. Read More