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Project Home: Volunteer Sign-up and Product Drive

We are the Middle School Student Council, and we are doing a product drive and looking to recruit volunteers for Project Home during the entire month of March. Project Home is an organization made up of volunteers that houses homeless families for 30 days per site in local churches. They support the overflow from Homeless Shelters. People of all ages stay there. Personal Products Needed Homeless people do not always.. Read More

Kathie Simon Frank: Fiber Artist

Friends School of Minnesota grandparent Kathie Simon Frank shares: “After many wonderful years of life filled with family and friends, a career I loved, and a little leftover time for my handcrafts and art, I retired early from my job to pursue more “work” with my hands.

FSMN School Committee Minute

The Friends School of Minnesota School Committee approved a minute on May 15, 2012 to express its opposition to the passage of upcoming vote on a constitutional amendment limiting marriage. All persons are created equal and should enjoy equal rights under the law.

Arbor Day Tree Planting

We are the Middle School Student Council Environment Committee.  The Environment Committee got started because all of us wanted to see more trees be planted at Horton Park, across the street from our school.  We’d seen many be cut down because of disease this year.