Every week, during our Meeting for Worship, our students sit in silent reflection. This time is spent focusing our thoughts inward and listening deeply for shared truths and meaning.

This practice is one of the ways we live peace.

Rick (FSMN Head of School and panel moderator), Panel: Sybylla (’01), Ruth (’09), Nick (’10), James (’12), Maren (’17)

At our Gala, a panel of alumni spoke about their lives at FSMN and how their experiences in our community shaped their experiences in their lives after FSMN, how their experiences at FSMN help them live peace.

Each alumni spoke about the comfort of our small community and the acceptance they felt here. They all talked about being outside in nature, about how connections to teachers here continue to make a difference in their lives.

They talked about many of the things we all love about this school AND they all spoke about how uncomfortable it was, as students, to sit in silence during Meeting for Worship. They spoke about looking back at Meeting for Worship and remembering how uncomfortable it was, but then they went on to talk about how it is something they miss most about their time at FSMN. They shared how the peace they found in silence helps them now. They said that they were looking forward to the next day’s Meeting for Worship at the alumni breakfast so they could sit in silence again. The next day at the alumni Meeting for Worship, an alumni shared how the silence helped her find her voice.

There are many ways that our alumni are our teachers. This panel reminded us that we are in this for our futures, not just our todays, not just our nows.

If we only thought about today, our goal for our children would be that they are simply happy. We are in this, with them, to work in and through that discomfort because it will serve them in the future. It will help them live peace, live justice in this world. That is our work as a community and as a school.

These alumni make us so proud because they are living our shared values. They have stronger relationships and fuller lives, they are advocating for themselves and others. It is always our hope that we inspire our children to live peace. Now our children, our alumni are inspiring us by taking peace with them out into this complicated world, and they are making this world a better place.