At Friends School of Minnesota, we believe wonder and awe are important parts of the foundation of all learning. Wonder leads to curiosity. Curiosity leads to big questions that allow us to observe different perspectives and angles. Those questions can lead to problem-solving or wrestling with difficult topics. Then, as we reflect together, we ask, “What did we miss? Whose perspective is missing? How were we successful? Why were we successful?”
This level of critical thinking is the foundation for excelling academically, questioning perspectives, and investigating whose story is being heard (or not heard). These are key factors in building honest and respectful relationships. When we wonder together, we allow our children to live more fully into their true, individual potential and it all starts with a question.
In April, when we were digging out from under 20 inches of snow, our kindergarteners wondered together and asked,  “Where was spring hiding?” And then… they wrote a poem.
I Wonder Where Spring Is Hiding? 
Is it under a rock?
Did it fly away?
Is it in a bank?
Well it’s official Spring,
but it is still Winter.
Maybe Spring is hiding under the dirt
in another world.
Maybe it is in the light. Light is warm.
Did Spring run away to the top
of Mt Everest and fall inside?
Maybe Spring is hiding in the wormy
Did Spring fall inside a volcano?
Is it hiding inside a daffodil?
Did it go to Denmark?
Maybe Spring is still on vacation in
What if Spring isn’t really real?
Maybe we just have to wait.
Or maybe the hummingbirds will
bring Spring back
on their tiny
—the kindergarteners
After they wrote the poem, they created a collage to go with their poem.