Student activism is important at Friends School of Minnesota. Our students know their voice is important and they are powerful citizens in our democracy.

They know they must speak up and use their voices when issues arise that challenge their values and dreams for our future. Gun violence is one of those issues.

The actions of the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida have inspired our students to act, speak up and say enough. As a school grounded in the Quaker values of peace and justice, we are called as a community to take action if we hope to make this world a more peaceful and just place for all.

Our children have asked our community to participate in the March for our Lives student-led march from Harriet Island to the St. Paul Capitol grounds on Saturday, March 24. Participating as a community of teachers, children and parents is important. By participating in this march we are asking our elected officials to act. Our children have inspired our community and together we will be heard.

Our alumni have been instrumental in organizing and rallying support for changes in gun laws. These young leaders are examples of Friends School of Minnesota values in action and how an education grounded in Quaker values inspires students even after they have left our school.

In taking action, we are joining other schools, and more specifically other Friends Schools around the nation, to activate our rights as citizens and protest for change. The Heads of the Friends Schools wrote a joint statement of support for student activism around gun violence.

Join our students on Saturday, March 24. We will be flying our peace dove and marching for change.