In October, we taught 7th and 8th graders West African dance moves, to go along with the West African drumming unit. We taught our classmates Kassa, a harvest dance from West Africa.

We taught the students about the West African break. A West African break is a signal from the drummers to switch dance moves. In the sequence that we taught them, there were five moves. Students had to keep going with each move until they heard the break from the drummers.

It was fun to take what we learned in class and share it with our fellow classmates. We enjoyed the opportunity to lead class and see what it was like to be a teacher. In addition it was fun to see how fast our classmates were able to pick up the moves we taught them. It was very exciting to see how something we do outside of class corresponded with something we do in class!

Ana, AnnaSophia, and Leah