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The Making of a Ciudad

Tundra and Bayou Spanish students have been creating their imaginary “ciudad” (city) using the vocabulary we have learned in this unit. Groups had some basic requirements they needed to include on their maps. They worked in small groups and were challenged to make creative designs. Each city has an imaginary name. You can see these projects in the hallway and stairwell closest to La Mesa classroom. It’s been a fun.. Read More

An 8th Grader Offers Tips for Entering Middle School–It’s Not That Scary

How is middle school at FSMN different than lower school? There’s more homework and you have a different teacher for every class, but you still go to MFW and specialists, and you’re still with people you know. I came to FSMN in fifth grade, which is the start of middle school. That’s two big changes all at once. First of all, it’s more homework, and you have seven or eight.. Read More