6th graders have been busy following up their tour of St Paul Regional Water Services with a water unit comparing St Paul tap water to commonly purchased IMG_3449 (1)bottled waters.

Students started with a blind taste test of 10 waters, 8 of which were bottled water, and 2 of which were either St Paul tap water or Minneapolis tap water.

They ranked their preferences then tallied the results. Amazingly, St Paul tap water came in first place for taste!

They began research on bottled water and located the source and bottling facility of each water as well as the distance the water must be transported to St Paul. They used their math skills to calculate units rates for each water sample in terms of $/gallon. After we had all the bottled water costs per gallon, we called St Paul Regional Water Services again to help us translate a “typical’ bill online.

Our final calculations were mind-blowing.

WaterCostComparisonA bottle of Voss water in a glass bottle all the way from Norway works out to cost $28.69/ gallon, a bottle of Fiji water all the way from the South Pacific is $10.32/gallon, while St Paul tap water turns out to cost only one-half of one cent per gallon!!!

Next, we analyzed water ads and commercials, and we are currently drawing our own St Paul tap water labels to stick on reusable water bottles.

We are also writing scripts and rehearsing ads for St Paul tap water. We will then act out the ads and record them.

saint paul tap water