Friends School of Minnesota 6th and 8th graders finished our third round of rocket experiments! They blasted off for the final time after creating their own original design. 



As a group we agreed on criteria for the word “best” and attempted to design the “best” rockets for blast off. They decided that “best” meant it blasted off in as close to 10 seconds as possible and it stayed in the air as long as possible. This led to many cool, new design ideas including parachutes, skirts, whirling flaps, gliders wings, etc. It also led to specific concoctions of rocket fuel, including crushing alka-seltzer tablets into smaller bits, splitting pieces into exact halves, changing water levels and so on. We had winners in each category yet also celebrated the surprises that came out all the designs.

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–Kris Bennett, 6th and 8th grade Math & Science Teacher