Help FSMN’s Environmental Action Club by participating in the Great River Greening’s Million Milkweed Challenge 2016. The monarch population is on the decline, and common milkweed is an important food source for monarch caterpillars. Great River Greening needs volunteers to help collect milkweed seeds to be planted along the Mississippi River to help increase monarch habitat. The organization’s goal is to collect 1,000,000,000 common milkweed seeds to plant.

The Environmental Action Club (EAC) of Friends School of Minnesota is a middle school club that works on preserving and promoting our natural environment and making sure it lasts for future generations.


What do we want the FSMN community to do? We would love for students and families to contribute to the EAC’s common milkweed seed collection efforts. If you have any common milkweed in your yard, please collect and clean it. (Note: If the common milkweed you want to harvest is not on your property, please obtain permission from the owner(s).)

For more information about collecting, cleaning, and storing, see Milkweed Seed Collection 101.

Once the common milkweed seeds are cleaned, bagged, and labeled, bring them to Melissa or Steve at Friends School of Minnesota by Wednesday, October 12.

Written by members of the FSMN Environmental Action Club (EAC)

October 2016 Update

Thank you, Friends School of Minnesota Community, for participating in Great River Greening’s Million Milkweed Challenge. We appreciate all the pods you turned into Environmental Action Club’s collection bin. We collected about 180 pods! This amounts to approximately 4,500 seeds!

If you did not participate, and would like to, or if you want to participate again, we plan to join Great River Greening again in this challenge next year.