We spent a beautiful May Day at the University of Minnesota for State History Day, supporting eight 7th and 8th grade projects that competed in the categories of performance, exhibit, documentary, website, and paper. Over 1,200 junior and senior high school students participated in Minnesota’s State History Day this year. Congratulations to all of our History Day State participants! We are so proud of you!

Friends School of Minnesota State History Day 2016 participants.
Friends School of Minnesota State History Day 2016 participants.


Noah R. – Immigration of Vietnamese to Minnesota After the Fall of Saigon (2nd Place, Nationals, Best Use of MNHS Collections Topical Prize)


Logan W. – The Milgram Experiment (Honorable Mention)


Zaiga C. – Billie Holiday – (3rd Place, Runner up for Nationals)

Juliet A. – How Barbie has Influenced Body Image (Honorable Mention)

Kaija M. – Raoul Wallenberg


Maya S. – Oskar Schindler


Kaia H. – Encountering the Structure of DNA (Honorable Mention)

Lee T.and Maren F. – Rosalind Franklin and the DNA Molecule (Honorable Mention)

Two FSMN alumni also received recognition for their high school projects: Evy M. (Honorable Mention for her paper on Dorothea Dix) and Evan H. (History of Immigration Topical Prize for his group website on the Yemenite Immigration to Israel). Congratulations!

–Rebecca Slaby and Melissa Andersen, Middle School Humanities Teachers