Last week, thirty Friends School of Minnesota 4th and 5th graders stayed overnight at the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Camp-In. After arriving at the SMM, students donned their green t-shirts and began their exploration of the some of the museum exhibits. Then came supper: a delicious pizza buffet. And then they were off again for another three hours of museum exploring. Students were able to work in the cell lab, learned about air pressure and wind, and discovered how many pints of blood they “carried”.  

They also enjoyed the additional activities set up for this event. It was fun to make moving creatures, and cardboard robots and giant forts. Eventually it was time to settle for the evening and our students unrolled their sleeping bags in the Human Body exhibit. Under the gaze of the giant astronaut hanging from the ceiling and the encased mummy. They mostly slept until early morning when they were rousted for breakfast, a live cryogenics demonstration, and the OmniMovie, Humpback Whales. Finally, we brought them back to FSMN–tired but happy. All in all, an excellent science and community-building adventure!


“It was really fun to be able to explore all of the exhibits for a long time.” 4th grader

“I liked getting to explore after everybody left the museum.” 5th grader

“I liked making things and taking them home.” 5th grader

“I liked being able to go with my friends and explore together.” 4th grader

“I loved the omnitheater show and exploring the exhibits with friends.” 4th grader

“It was really cool at night.” 5th grader

“ The whale movie was really interesting.” 5th grader

“I liked that we got a lot of free time to go around and explore with my group and friends.” 4th grader


–Kak Jarvis, FSMN 3rd and 4th Grade Teacher