Greetings from Wolf Ridge! It is my privilege to be accompanying the seventh and eighth graders on their week-long trip to this excellent environmental learning center. Accompanying the trip is not only fun, I also get to serve as a teacher in some ways, and with the other adults, we help the students be safe, learn, and enjoy themselves.

Friends School of Minnesota 7th and 8th Graders spend a week together on the North Shore and at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center.


Our fearless chaperones Melissa, Shane, Steve, David, and Lili.


On the trip, the students will learn about all kinds of things (farming, small mammals “smamalls”, astronomy, raptors, etc.) and they will be outside most of the time in an incredibly beautiful setting. They also learn to take care of themselves and each other.

Kai Lu, Sarah, and Maya
Will and a tiny creature.
Rawnson and Lucia enjoying Lake Superior waves.



Elliot and Rawnson chillin’ with north shore geology.


Last night we took a “night hike” out into the woods with no flashlights. For many, this was the first time we had been outside, in the dark, quiet. We experienced that our eyes adjust and that we can hear a lot in the woods. It was amazing!

For me, this trip highlights the important commitment FSMN makes to environmental education. We have a strong, continuous program, beginning in kindergarten and cycling through experiences (and content and concepts) that prepare students to be here, and later as 8th graders, the BWCA, with “hope, skill, understanding, and creativity.” I am proud of our school’s intentional nurturing of environmental ethics in our students. We need them to be smart and caring in order to take part in turning our nation’s consumption and wretched environmental practices around.

Okay, off my soap box and back to the woods!

– Lili, Head of School

Friends School of Minnesota 7th and 8th graders on the shores of Lake Superior.