Friends School of Minnesota’s Community Care Committee would like to thank the entire FSMN community for your generosity in supporting numerous families during the 2013-14 school year who experienced medical crises, financial crises and difficult loss. Your gifts of money, food, time and caring thoughts were greatly appreciated by all recipients.  Each difficult request from a family became a beautiful reminder of the loving spirit of so many. Thank you for making FSMN such a compassionate community.


Community Care is a subcommittee of Friends School of Minnesota’s Parent Involvement Committee (PIC). The Community Care Committee’s mission is to care for the community, particularly in times of need. When any members of the FSMN community experience a crisis, whether it is medical, financial, or personal, the Community Care Committee acts as a conduit between the family or individual in need and the larger community who offers support.

The types of care offered depend on the situation and the individual needs that are applicable to it. Past care has included coordinating meals, child care, transportation assistance, and financial donations from the larger community. Because every situation is unique, care could be almost anything.

If you or someone you know in the Friends School of Minnesota is in need of community care, please let us know.

Our Community Care coordinators are Kate W.  and Ann B. Please contact either of us if you have a need for care, if you would like to become involved, or if you would like more information. We are available during the summer as well as the school year. You can connect with us through the school 651-917-0636.

– Kate and Ann