St. Paul Academy sophomore Riley Wheaton (FSMN Class of 2012), has been elected Chair of SPA’s 2014-15 Student-Faculty Discipline Committee. Congratulations to Riley on his successful campaign!

The Student-Faculty Discipline Committee consists of eight elected student representatives (two from each grade level), the Vice President of Upper School Council, the Chair of the Committee, two elected faculty members and the Dean of Students (ex‐officio and non‐voting). The goal of the Discipline Committee is to make thoughtful recommendations which are consistent with the values and rules of the school community to the Principal and Head of School who have the final responsibility for all disciplinary actions.

Riley shared, “It’s pretty unusual for a rising junior to be elected Chair over rising seniors. We had four candidates (myself, another rising junior, and two rising seniors) and,of those four, I won. The electorate consists of perhaps about 400 others ranging from rising 9th graders to rising seniors. It was really a pretty amazing race and I’m proud of the posters I did.”

photo (2)
Riley’s campaign poster.