This last month, Friends School of Minnesota once again welcomed Korean student teachers from the Global Teacher Education Program (GTEP). What a great educational and cultural exchange for everyone!
Korean student teacher Min Ji worked in the Tundra 3rd and 4th grade classroom.
Korean student teacher Min Ji works with a student in the Tundra 3rd and 4th grade classroom.


The Global Teacher Education Program (GTEP) is a short-term professional development and study abroad program sponsored through the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development. GTEP is a partnership program with Seoul National University of Education (SNUE) in South Korea. As part of the program South Korean Elementary Education school teachers spend one month in the United States. The program is structured so that the visiting teachers spend two weeks in lectures and two weeks in a practicum in U.S. schools.


Korean student teacher Gi Ung presented a cultural lesson, teaching the first and second graders in the Prairie classroom some traditional Korean games that both he and his parents played when they were young. One game was similar to “thumb wrestling.” The other began with a chant of “Gi Ung Flower is Blooming” and children tried to sneak up on the “flower” before he turned around.


Korean student teacher Eun Seo taught about traditional Korean masks used in dance and drama performances. Children learned about some traditional characters and painted masks brought to us from Korea. They named and gave characteristics to their mask character and then learned a dance to perform with them.


Friends School of Minnesota has been participating since it begin 3 years ago. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our Quaker, progressive education philosophy with the Global Teacher Education Program.