Annamary Herther, Friends School of Minnesota’s school secretary, reflects on Quaker Meeting and invites FSMN community members to attend the upcoming Exploring Together event at Twin Cities Friends Meeting. Annamary shares:

Frequently, when someone discovers I attend a Friends meeting, questions follow:

  • What exactly do you believe in?
  • Is it true everyone sits and says nothing?
  • Why don’t you wear black and drive a buggy?  (actually I do wear black a lot….once I had my “colors” done … but that’s another ramble – and I did have a terrific horse named Raspberry in high school….but I digress.)

Mormons on bicycles, strangers, friends and family are curious about The Society of Friends.  This is what I tell them.

It could be a place for anyone at any time in his/her life.  For some it may be a one time visit – ending curiosity about what exactly happens at a Quaker meeting – for others, as was the case of a former staff person and solid Episcopalian – who found during the time her Dad was dying – it was the perfect place to sit in silence and get through it all.

I go to Meeting with people who also go to Catholic and Jewish services in addition to Sunday with Friends.  And, as in all places of worship, there are people who come at different times in their lives – weaving in and out – often years between visits.

On Saturday, March 8th, all of you in the Friends School of Minnesota community are invited to join with members of the Saint Paul and Minneapolis Friends Meetings – for a brief overview of what is the denomination that started Quaker education.

We are hoping the brief talks by staff, FSMN parents and meeting members will show the diversity of thought and acceptance that is part of Friends.  There will be refreshments before and after and a children’s program during – plus a short meeting for worship.  (This event will replace our annual Community Meeting for Worship, as an opportunity for parents to discover what your children do on Wednesday mornings.)

And lots of time for questions and answers.  And in case you have questions before – call or email me – or others on the team from school:  Andrew, Jeannette, Kak, Lili and Sally.  We’ll all be there.


Exploring Together Event

Saturday, March 8

Twin Cities Friends Meeting House
1725 Grand Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105

Interested in learning more about Quakerism?

This event is designed for Friends School families to learn more about the Religious Society of Friends. Members of two meetings and Friends School of Minnesota staff will share their perspectives on some core Quaker values.

An introduction to meeting for worship will precede a short meeting. Members of meetings and school staff will be on hand to answer questions. Children will also have a chance to see what meetings are all about.

  • 9:30-10am refreshments
  • 10am-12 noon program
  • 12-12:30pm refreshments

We hope Friends School of Minnesota families can attend!