On November 26, twenty five family members and friends attended the second of four 2013-14 Visitor Coffees at Friends School of Minnesota. The visit started with coffee and a chat with Head of School Lili Herbert. Then our guests visited classrooms to see FSMN in action. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this event!

Head of School Lili Herbert welcomes visitors and talks about what makes Friends School of Minnesota a Quaker, progressive education school.


Kindergartners show a grandmother their sand table.


Linda’s middle school advisory tell about their favorite Thanksgiving traditions.


Sharing artwork in the 1st/2nd grade Jungle classroom.
Checking out the artwork in the 1st/2nd grade Jungle classroom.


Mississippi students tell about what they do in kindergarten.


Exploring the 1st/2nd grade Jungle classroom together.


The Bayou 3rd and 4th graders read poems for visitors.


Up in the loft in the 1st/2nd grade Prairie classroom.


Listening to poetry in the Tundra 3rd/4th grade classroom.


Visitor coffees are a wonderful ways for children to share their lives with their loved ones.


Upcoming Visitor Coffees:

Wednesday, February 19: 9:00-10:30am–coffee & classrooms visits
Friday, April 25: 1:00pm–coffee, 1:30pm–tours of school, 2:00-3:00pm–7/8 Drama Club play

Please RSVP to the front office 651-917-0636


Other Ways to Visit the School

If you are a prospective family and would like to visit Friends School of Minnesota, come for aschool day tour or attend our next evening open house on January 9, 2014. Family and friends are also welcome to join these admissions events.  Details about visiting the school.