What a joy it was to spend a week chaperoning Friends School of Minnesota 7th and 8th graders at  Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center!  Getting to know each other so well provides us a solid foundation for the whole school year.

We spent the week taking classes (animal signs, orienteering, ropes course, rock climbing, wetlands, and lake study) and doing lots of other activities (capture the flag in the woods, the astronomy tower, night hike (27 kids!), sunrise hike (25 kids!), team building activities with dorm groups, singing along with Shane on his guitar, nail painting, and henna tattoos by some of the 7/8 girls on practically everyone, and s’mores by the campfire). We also went to a family farm and learned about sustainable farming. The kids did some service work of digging up a field and then they played whiffle ball.


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Lake Study class: students put on boots and waded into the lake to find out oxygen level, pH, and to identify snails, crayfish, leaches, and more!


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Orienteering: Using a compass and map students found markers spread out over a big area. We learned how hard it is to walk in a straight line through the woods!

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Wetlands Study: more boot work! Students walked through bogs, fens, and swamps! And we all benefited from mud/clay masks.

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Round River Farm: our last morning we visited the farm of the Abasz family (Quaker friends!). The students saw how this family lives “off the grid” in line with their desire to not hurt people, animals or the earth by their lifestyle. We helped dig some fields, walked the labyrinth, and played whiffle ball.

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– Lili Herbert, Head of School