Friends School of Minnesota soccer is open to all FSMN students in grades 5-8. Our teams are co-ed, and we play other teams from League of Independent School Teams (LIST) schools.

The mission of LIST is to promote the development of skill, teamwork and sportsmanship, to build community and foster friendships between the various schools and participants, and to encourage students to play. The league is based on the principles of mixed-gender teams, equal playing time, and good sportsmanship. We play rain or shine, September-October, for a great workout and a great time!


I am excited to be coaching Friends School of Minnesota soccer again, this time with the 7th/8th grade team. Fun and fitness are my guiding principles for coaching soccer this fall. Desire to play and have fun should be the determining factors for signing up for soccer this fall. Skill, experience, or fitness levels do not need to hamper your child’s decision to play. I am looking forward to raising every player’s skills and fitness no matter where they start.
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I hope to put together a 7th/8th grade team that enjoys playing, works well together and keeps a good attitude regardless of the score. Please talk with your child about whether they would like to play soccer this fall. Have a great rest of the summer!

Soccer registration forms are due Friday, Aug 16. If you are dropping forms off at school, be sure to call 651-917-0636 first as the school is closed for cleaning (but many admin are there). Or fax your forms 651-917-0708.

5th & 6th grade soccer team 2012-13


– David , 7/8 soccer coach and FSMN Teaching Assistant