Last night, new families and ambassador families spent the evening at the Friends School of Minnesota chatting, digging in the sand, pumping water, swinging on the monkey bars, and getting to know each other.

Each year, FSMN pairs new families with ambassador families to welcome our new families and build community. We have summer playground events to help everyone get to know each other before the school year begins.

There is no better way for kids to get acquainted than by playing together on a fine summer day!

Some kids arrive bursting with enthusiasm to make friends and explore their future digs. Others linger by their parents, assessing the lay of the land and surveying future classmates before joining in. But by the end of the evening, everyone leaves relaxed and more confident about starting at a new school in September.

Fall kindergarteners and a second grader work together for the first time at the water pump.


We look forward to seeing everyone again in July!

– Susan Nagel, Admissions Director