Each spring, Friends School of Minnesota’s middle school science teacher Steve Moe gets up at the crack of dawn to take middle schoolers on a series of optional birdwatching outings before school. Early risers this Monday were rewarded with a glorious morning in the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge at Old Cedar Avenue Bridge. They saw more than just birds!

“We saw orioles, coots, an eagle, red-winged blackbirds, and ducks and geese. And we saw a beaver! We were on a bridge, and heard a splash, and then saw the beaver’s head above the water, looking back at us.”  – Lia, 6th grader


Science teacher Steve Moe teaches middle school students about bird identification.


In the quiet of early morning, beavers are often seen by the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge.


Barn Swallows


April and May in Minnesota is an excellent time to search for all types of migrating birds including thrashers, thrushes, warblers, and waterfowl.


“The Northern Orioles were really bright and pretty! It was hard to get up at 5:45 a.m. but it was really fun.” – Rajni, 6th grader


Northern Oriole


Science teacher Steve Moe shares his love of birds with Friends School of Minnesota middle schoolers.


The last birdwatching outing of the school year will be June 3. Sign-up with Steve.

Thank you to FSMN parent Carl Stover for accompanying and taking these beautiful photos!