The Friends School Plant Sale is entirely volunteer-run and we need your help!

Over 1,000 people are needed to do everything from building display tables to shelving plants, and from tallying up orders to packing it all up after the sale is over.

Each year, volunteers are invited to shop at the pre-sale, Thursday evening from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. (NOTE: The pre-sale is opening an hour earlier than last year!)

Each volunteer is expected to work four hours. Shifts generally are from 7 or 8 am to 12 noon; from 12 noon to 4 p.m., 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and sometimes 8 p.m. until midnight. Find out about your specific shift time when you sign up.

Learn more about volunteering at the Plant Sale

S I G N   U P   O N L I N E   N O W

We particularly need these volunteers:

  •  Cashiers – Friday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday, and Rare Plants. Only parents or school affiliated volunteers may cashier
  •  Tallyers—most shifts, but particularly on Saturday
  •  Curbside loaders and cart return— most shifts on Friday and Saturday
  • Tidyers on Friday night
  •  Box pickup on Friday and Saturday night
  •  Deconstruction and cleanup on Sunday night and Monday after the sale

You can go online to: to sign up for a shift, or if you’d prefer to discuss options and what’s needed most, you can email [email protected] or call 651-621-8930.

Do you know about the volunteer post-sale?

You may know about the Thursday evening pre-sale for volunteers. But did you know volunteers are also invited to shop for leftover plants at 80 percent off after the sale closes on Sunday? (Remember, we have earlier Sunday hours for the one-third off discount sale: 10am–2pm).

The post-sale will start no earlier than 3pm and may begin as late as 3:30, once we have finished inventory. Come to the main entrance at the west door of the building by 3pm.

You will be given a ticket to the 80-percent-off post-sale after your volunteer shift is finished. If you are volunteering to do cleanup on Sunday night or Monday or Tuesday after the sale, you can pick up your post-sale ticket at the Info Desk on Thursday night during the pre-sale.

Thanks for volunteering with the Friends School Plant Sale. There may be snow on the ground, but spring is coming!

– Garth & the Plant Sale Committee