Third and fourth grade students recently completed a multi-disciplinary study of Minnesota birds. We started with a science unit taught by 3rd-4th grade teacher Kak Jarvis and Environmental Education Coordinator Kris Bennett. Students conducted individual studies of a native bird species of their choice. Research included identification tips such as body size and shape, feathers, beaks and feet, as well as habitat, range, and behavior.

Using Powerpoint and voice recording, students narrated their own presentations on the facts they learned about their bird. They held a mini-symposium of their science research. Students moved from presentation to presentation, learning about each bird. It was inspiring to see students learning from each other!

In art class, art teacher Laura Pereira had students apply oil pastel and paper mache techniques to drawings and sculptures of their particular bird. These excellent works of art are on display at school.

Here are just a few of the Minnesota bird sculptures:

Greater Prairie Chicken by Charlie
Peregrine Falcon by Noah S. and American Goldfinch by Neko
Snowy Owl
Killdeer by Addie and Eastern Screech Owl by Ray
Hummingbird by Emily
Black Capped Chickadee by Samara
American Robin by Lorraine
Northern Goshawk by Juliet

Everyday, I continue to be impressed by the beauty of these creations and by how much hard work went into them. Stop by Friends School of Minnesota and see them all!

David Hecht
3rd-4th Grade Classroom Aide