Friends School of Minnesota seventh grader Reese blogs about their humanities class field trip to the Minnesota State Capitol.

Minnesota State Capitol
Minnesota State Capitol

Last week, the seventh and eighth graders went to the Minnesota State Capitol in Saint Paul. We got to see where the Supreme Court, House of Representatives and Senate meet. We also saw the governor’s receiving room. Eighth grade student Fox said, “The governor’s receiving room was cool.”

Touring the Minnesota State Capitol
Touring the Minnesota State Capitol: the governor’s receiving room

We sat in on a committee hearing, although it wasn’t very easy to understand. Melissa’s humanities watched the Health and Human Services Committee meeting, and Rebecca’s class saw the Government Operations Committee meeting.

On our tour we got to see lots of paintings and learned all about the work that has been done on the building. A lot of students liked looking at all the pretty stuff around the building like the marble stairs, the beautiful walls, and the floor of the rotunda. Eighth grader Henry said, “The architecture was awesome!”

We learned about how a bill becomes a law, lobbyists, and cool facts about Minnesota’s history. Then we all got to talk to Senator John Marty (District 66) and Representative John Lesch (District 66B). We also got to ask them questions about what bills they have worked on in the past and questions about things that happen with the law. They talked talked with us for about an hour about bills they are working on for animal breeders, to prevent animal abuse and gun control. Cassie, a seventh grade student, said, “I learned a lot more having them talk about stuff and they were very funny!”

The field trip helped us understand how state government works. Even though it doesn’t make me want to become a politician, it was a good experience.

by Reese, FSMN 7th grader