Last night, our winter admissions open house got a little more interesting than planned – a fire alarm! It went off while everyone was moving into classrooms to visit with teachers, following the tours and info session. Our head of school Lili, reports on site staff performed at an A+ level of poise and competency, helping families evacuate the building…in the freezing rain no less.

The fire department arrived shortly, roaring up in four or five trucks. They quickly determined there was no fire but needed to figure out the cause of the alarm. Families waited patiently out in the rain until they could retrieve coats and disperse to their warm homes. For those that lingered, waiting firefighters gave an impromptu “meet the firefighters” and fire safety session – helping alleviate fears and learn about what firefighters do. A nice progressive education moment!

Fire truck fans got an extra treat at Friends School of Minnesota’s winter admissions open house

We got the “all clear” from the fire chief and returned to the building with only ten minutes remaining for the open house — so families and most of the staff headed home. Lili and I stayed to figure our what tripped the alarm, working with our fire system technician, Matt, who drove in from Elk River.

After all was said and done, the culprit was a leak in the roof above the boys bathroom on the second floor. Water got into the duct fire sensing system and tripped the alarm. Arg! Rain in January! A leak in the roof! It’s all fixable, and water is far better than fire, of course.

Thanks to all the staff present during the alarm for doing a great job with the drill procedure. It’s one of the reasons we have regular drills throughout the year. It was bad timing for our open house. We hope prospective families come back soon for a less eventful visit.

And what’s with rain in January anyway?

– Garth
FSMN Facilities Manager

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