Kindergarten, first and second graders had a great trip to Zweber Family Farm last week. The weather was perfect and all the children had a great time running and playing at the farm and meeting all the animals.

We are thinking about the question, “Where does our food come from?” To get them thinking about this question, Kris (our Environmental Education Coordinator)  led an activity about food we eat. She brought in several kinds of food, and children categorized the food into plant categories of roots, leaves, stems, seeds, fruit or into the animal category. The children know so much about parts of plants we eat, including what category the different foods fit into!

The Zweber Family Farm is a family run farm in Elko, Minnesota. They are wonderful, generous people dedicated to raising sustainable, humane and local meat, eggs and milk.

Organic dairy is our main business. We are Organic Valley farmer owners and sell our milk under that label.  In addition to the dairy, we sell sustainably raised chicken, pork and beef directly to customers.  Our animals are raised in a humane way that allows them to live healthy lives.

At the farm we all went on a hayride to the pasture to meet the cows.

We had a tour of the milking parlor and learned how the milk gets from the cows to our tables.

We visited the baby cows and got to feed them from a big bottle.

We visited the chickens and hen houses, and had the opportunity to check out the pigs.

Two friendly farm dogs named Boo and Lilly happily greeted the children when we arrived at the farm. They were gentle with the children, but very playful too! All the kids enjoyed petting them and playing frisbee with them. The dogs loved all the attention!

We will continue to explore the question of where our food comes from in the coming weeks with classroom activities and a field to the Lake Country Land School.