On September 21, the whole school gathered for a celebration of International Day of Peace and to learn about the Water for Peace Project.

The whole school gathered in the gym to hear about how we can help people who don’t have access to clean water. Over the next few months we are hoping to raise funds for a water filtration system for a school in Najaf, Iraq.

We made the connection between using less water at home and saving money, which in turn can be donated to help bring clean water to others. We have a small display in the front entryway of the school with a donation bucket. Our middle school student council will help to count and keep track of how much we are collecting on a weekly basis.

The school processed outside, following our a giant dove puppet. Read Melissa’s post about International Peace Day and our celebration.

Everyone walked across the street to Horton Park.
Student percussionists
Friends School of Minnesota’s peace dove puppet.

Thank you to the many people  who helped to make our 2nd International Day of Peace a success!

Over a period of many months, Evelyn Daugherty, an IARP volunteer and a Macalester alum joined with Salam Murtada, an IARP board member and classically trained pianist, Luke Wilcox Communications Director for IARP (all Arabic speakers) and our very own Brad Bradshaw to review and discuss the song selection for our peace day celebration. Evelyn, Salam and Luke contacted over 10 different Iraqi people to choose a song “Peace Be Upon You” that would be recognizable to Iraqis and be non-political in its message.

Thank you to Tom Fletcher and Russ Borud for photos (go to FSMN’s facebook page for more).

For those who were not able to attend the event I have included the lyrics.page1image43864 page1image44184 page1image44344 page1image44504  page2image1304 page2image1728 page2image1888

Peace Be Upon You

Peace Be Upon You,
Upon your two rivers, Oh noble Iraq!
For you are a haven, a love and a home for all the world.
I pray on behalf of you all the time.
Peace be upon you.