Friends School of Minnesota will host its second celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace  on Friday, September 21.

In 1981, the UN passed a resolution to set aside a day each year in which member nations agree to a global ceasefire and work to strengthen the ideals of peace.  This became known as the International Day of Peace, and is now celebrated each year on September 21.  People in cities around the world have found numerous ways to honor this day.

Two years ago, members of the Middle School Student Council, worked to create a giant dove puppet as part of a tradition of Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots groups across the country.  The dove served as a symbol of peace, and led the school community in a procession through Horton Park, where students carried their own smaller doves containing their personal wishes for peace.  The event featured singing and silent worship, along with a chance for students to share their wishes for peace.

The giant dove puppet will make its second appearance this year, and will lead us through another procession through Horton Park.

There are some other pieces that make up this year’s event that are well worth announcing.

  • The theme for this year’s International Day of Peace is “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”, emphasizing that we cannot have a sustainable future without having peace first.
  • The International Day of Peace event will be the kickoff for Friends School’s involvement in the Water for Peace project, sponsored by the Iraqi American Reconciliation Project (IARP).  For this project, Friends School students will work to raise money to help restore access to clean water for a school in Najaf, Iraq.   Several representatives from the IARP will be attending our event to introduce the project to students, as well as lead us in a sing-along.

After the event on September 21, each student in the school will have the opportunity to write their wish for peace on an origami peace dove.  These doves will be sent to a school we’ve been partnered with in Najaf, Iraq.  Middle School students will also have the opportunity to continue building sustainable peace by connecting with students in Iraq through video conferencing throughout the year.

Please join us in our celebration of the UN International Day of Peace at Friends School on Friday, September 21 at 2 pm in the gym.  We hope to see you there!