There’s just a few more weeks before students return to Friends School of Minnesota for another school year. Here are some new things to look forward to for the fall.

We miss our shade tree over the playground. But Eric is building some lovely shade pergolas over the benches. Next step: plant some shady vines.
No more leaks! A new roof over the front entry will look better too.
Deep cleaning, painting, and new carpet always leads to summer jumble – this time in the front office. But it gives Annamary something to do. Ha ha ha!
New carpet, new paint, a new (smaller and color) copier, and a new comfy couch transforms the front office.
Linda is very excited about her new gym storage bins built by Eric. Also in the gym: new lights that turn on instantly, don’t hum, emit better light and are more efficient too. Let the games begin!

This fall we will enjoy other improvements such as:

  • 50 megabits of bandwidth to provide better online access for the whole school
  • new laptops for the teachers
  • security cameras for the front entrance and the parking lot
  • child-friendly (shorter) sinks and urinals – no more balancing on stools

We can’t wait for the new school year! See you soon.