Teachers and staff are back at Friends School of Minnesota to kick off a new school year.  We’re busy this week preparing classrooms, meeting, getting everything ready for the return of students September 4th. Here’s some of the things going on this week.

FSM staff started bright and early with a breakfast potluck and a check-in to hear what everyone was up to this summer – lots of travel, gardening, family, and rejuvenation.  We are pleased to welcome and get to know new Spanish teacher Sara and librarian Andrew!

Kak, Janet, David, and Andrew
Kathleen, Sara, and Sally
Persy, Brad, and Chad

Monday and Tuesday, Arthur Larabee returned to FSMN for an inservice focussing on the process of Quaker decision-making. All staff and members of our school committee/standing committee members participated. This inservice was made possible by a grant from The Friends Council on Education.

All staff will spend Wednesday morning meeting about safety/security and conflict resolution. In the afternoon, the faculty will work with John Halpern and Jeff Fink at an inservice about emotional/behavioral management.

The rest of the week is filled with division/grade level team meetings, teacher/aide meetings, technology training (new teacher laptops! new color copier!), and various committee meetings, as well as all the joyful work of preparing classrooms.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Back to School Picnic on Thursday night!

Friends School of Minnesota staff 2012-13