Last week, the whole school went down to the Mississippi River at Crosby Farm Regional Park. The 7th and 8th graders organized teaching stations about the lake, river, forest and fields to share their year’s work at this natural area in St. Paul.

Before boarding the buses, the 7th and 8th grade students presented why they went to Crosby Farm Regional Park and what do they did there each month. The younger students heard about things like deer scat population estimates, river current studies, and about how 7th and 8th graders made observations about their “plots” all year round. Learn more

The whole school heads out to Crosby Farm Regional Park on a spectacular spring day.
7th and 8th graders lead the lessons.
The 7th and 8th graders shared an overview of the year, including funny stories and changes that occurred throughout the seasons. They taught younger students to identify species in each habitat, then led activities to collect data. All participants were given “Crosby Journals” to record data, observations, and sketches at each of three stations:
  • River station:  students measured the temperature and river rate of the Mississippi,  learned about silver and sugar maples,  and built ” nature art” out of leaves, sticks, and sand
  • Lake station: students learned about cattails and boxelder trees, then went critter catching and observed and recorded water critters found in the lake
  • Forest/ Field station: students learned about stinging nettle , then went critter catching with nets and hands to collect insects, snakes, and toads




“We chased butterflys, looked for snakes and became acquainted with stinging nettle and burdock. Next was the lunch by the river. Then we learned about water levels and current and wrote in our journals about the different oak leaves. Students also had a chance to create some nature artwork ala Andy Goldsworthy. It was really fun.” – Kak, 3rd-4th grade teacher






“We finished our experience with a Meeting For Worship with the whole school out in a shaded field. The silence was peacefully filled with bird calls, insect noises and the sound of the wind through the leaves. It was a perfect time on a perfect day. Thank you to all the middle school students and staff that made it happen.” – Kak, 3rd & 4th grade teacher