The kindergarten class spent part of this glorious May day at Harriet Alexander Nature Center in Roseville. Marshall and his class explored the woods and nature center together, learning about trees, bees, and what makes a habitat.

A naturalist taught the kindergarten class a habitat game.

“We played a card game. We pretended we were animals and had to find all the cards – water…food…and…shelter!” – kindergarten student

“I loved seeing the kids work together. They helped each other get all three cards so they could all survive.” Marshall, kindergarten teacher

They saw a huge cottonwood tree with burls. One of the branches was a nurse tree for a sapling - 25 feet up in the air! Can you see it? (on the right side, up two)

Everyone loved the bees. They had a clear hive in the nature center with a tube so the bees could go outside and find flowers.

“I liked the bees in the box making honey!” – kindergarten student

“The bees did cool tricks in their tube. They could walk upside down!”  – kindergarten student

Seeing the bees making honey was many kids' favorite part.

“I loved EVERYTHING! Everything in the nature center!” – kindergarten student

We hope you all got outside today too!