Yea-we did it!  All the third and fourth graders produced a great play: The Fairy Tale Never Told. Students brainstormed, wrote, rehearsed, and staged the play. This intensive drama unit is an opportunity for the students to take part in something that is made possible by all 35 of them working together!

I am so glad that so many of community members could attend the performances. The students worked so hard to memorize all of their lines and blocking. And I am very proud of the prop and sets – some of which are sitting in your houses right now!

After the evening performance, a mom asked the students, “What did you learn during the two weeks working on the play?” A student answered that she learned that, next year, she wants a speaking part. Another student answered,

“I learned that when everybody works together, we can make something great!”

Last Monday, I asked the students that same question and here are some more of their responses. I couldn’t have said it better!

“One person can do a lot but not as much as a team-one person could make the props but not put on a whole play.”

“Never underestimate the power of cardboard, paint and paper.”

“It was really fun-we didn’t goof off. We really came together and if you buckle down, you can do a good job.”

“Sometimes I worked with people that I never talk to and it turned out to be good.”

“I didn’t want my part at first because it didn’t have many lines but I liked all the extra parts I ended up with.”

“I learned and was surprised that I could work with people that I don’t usually work with.”

” I didn’t have too many lines but I had a lot of fun like in choosing how to make the character’s voice sound.”

“I was glad I got my part because other parts had a cajillion lines.”

” I wanted my part- it was my first choice- but then I was worried about all the lines. I practiced and then it came to me.”

I believe that these lessons in working together, overcoming worries about memorizing, the value of hard work and perseverence and finding the fun and enjoyment in the process are very valuable. Although I missed math, writing, spelling and Ancient Egypt, working as a team of 38 through the process and the production of this play was invaluable.

Last week we returned to our “normal” routine. Students are again studying Ancient Egypt, multiplication and making corrections to their journal entries.

Thank you, again, for all of your support through the play.

     – Kak, 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher