If Stacie Forbes has substituted for any of your child’s classes—especially art!—you know that she’s a teacher who makes magic wherever she goes. She arrives with bags full of materials (some obvious, some mysterious) and sets her students on a creative journey to turn the things they choose into mobiles, weaving, miniatures, and anything else their imaginations inspire.

Stacie is returning to Friends School of Minnesota’s summer program for her third year. She will teach:

  • Trash to Treasures and Jewelry (June 18- 20)
  • 4-M Art and Woven Threads (June 25-29)
  • South of the Border and You Can Build It (July 2-6)
  • Paper Mache Magic and Kingdoms and Castles (July 23-27)

To learn more about Friends School of Minnesota summer camp and registration, see the Summer Camp section of our school website or call Melanie at 651-917-0636.

Making a mobile in Stacie's class!