The FSMN middle school student council Animal Committee wants to make lives of animals in the Humane Society better while they wait to be adopted. We are going to make fleece blankets for cats and dogs, fleece toys for the cats, and buy new KONG© chew toys for the dogs. We hope you will consider donating toward the costs of materials and/or toy purchases.

There is an envelope in the front office for donations or you can send your check to the school at:

Friends School of Minnesota
Student Council Animal Committee
1365 Englewood Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

You can donate anytime from now to April 13th. Checks can be made out to FSMN parent Tracy van der Leeuw.

Thank you!

The Care for Creatures MS Student Council Committee

Last year almost 30,000 companion animals came to [the Humane Society] without homes. 20,000 of them were felines. “(Humane Society “I want…” commercial)