This week, my seventh and eighth grade Spanish students finished up our projects on Puerto Rico, recreating an open air market, Plaza las Americas.

We had a Puerto Rican Restaurant– Sombrero Grande. There was a festive atmosphere with sounds and smells of an open air market. Students took turns traveling around visiting all the different stands, asking questions in Spanish.

If you were lucky enough to be in the building, you might have been invited to visit Plaza las Americas too!

Our market had a variety of delicacies which the students made menus for and prepared at home:  Tostones, Guanimes, Quesitos, y Flan de Vanilla.

¡Muy rico!
We played a tipical Dominó game, where you could learn the rules and play in Spanish.
There was also a Museo de Arte Contemporaneo with a guided tour in Spanish of the original artwork.
And if you were still hungry, you could stop by the Crepería, to order crepas de chocolate o durazno con crema, o un burrito, con Coca Cola méxicana.

This was a great way to wrap up our study of Puerto Rico. Thanks to all the community support in helping students bring Spanish to life!

Que les vaya bien– Veronica