I am so fortunate and excited to be a part of the FSMN volleyball program.  I am currently just down the road studying at Hamline University.  I will be double majoring in Global Studies and Political Science and double minoring in Russian and Spanish.

As for my volleyball career, it started, like so many of the students at Friends School, in 5th grade when I was able to participate in my elementary school’s team.  I continued to play on my school team all through high school ending senior year with a fantastic team and great record.  I was captain for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade and senior year was awarded “Player of the Year- On and Off the Court.”

Additionally I played club volleyball during the off-season 7th grade through 10th grade.  I have played many sports throughout the years, with soccer and skiing being my two other main activities, however, volleyball has always been my favorite sport.  You have to work hard on a personal level while communicating, coordinating, and working with your other teammates to perform as one body.

I have coached youth, 4th and 5th grade, volleyball clinics at Keva Sports Center in Middleton, Wisconsin.  Beyond high school I have continued to play and get involved in volleyball whenever and wherever possible.  I play intramurals at Hamline University and also took statistics for the Hamline volleyball team this past fall.

Hannah Roberg, Assistant Volleyball Coach

I love volleyball, I love working hard, and I love creating an environment in which kids can have fun, play volleyball, and grow!

Hannah Roberg