Friends School of Minnesota middle school students went on a field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art one morning in January.

Arriving at the MIA
Friends School of Minnesota 5th and 6th graders arriving at the MIA.

Teacher and parent chaperones had small groups of 3-5 students to tour the museum. Everyone went on a variety of tours and explored on their own. Students had the option to wear pedometers and averaged over 2,000 steps in the museum!

“I have been going to MIA since I was little. I always like walking around and looking at the art. When we were there last week, I thought the big barbed wire cube that we saw in the modern art area was cool.” – Conner, 5th grade

MIA Pop-up Park
Middle school boys check out the Minneapolis Institute of Art's pop-up park which "transforms the museum's cool, white lobby into a relaxing, tropical oasis with grass, palm trees, and other South Seas amenities."-


middle school girls at the MIA
Middle school girls at the MIA

“It was cool that we were able to go back into the MIA director’s office to see a painting that was not on display (the comic picture from the Love and Scandal showing).  It was fun learning the story behind each exhibit. We should go again!”  – 6th grader

Friends at the MIA