Every year, Friends School of Minnesota third and fourth graders host an evening Poetry Café  for friends and family. Students present the Writers Workshop poems they spent the fall writing and serve treats to raise money for charity. This year’s Bayou classroom Poetry Café was a big hit!

We had a great turnout of family and friends.

“ The Poetry Café is my favorite get together of the year. I’m so proud of the kids.” – parent

During the school day, we rehearsed our poetry reading.
Everyone worked hard to plan the event and make decorations.
Friends and family enjoyed orange and root beer floats, cookies and bars and cheesy nachos. No one left hungry!

Everyone – cashiers, waitrons, greeters, emcees and kitchen crew really put their heart into their jobs to make this a fun (and tasty) experience for all.

“ I want to be a waitron next year because it looks fun.” – third grader

poetry-cafe-kitchen crew
The kitchen crew prepared the food.

“I LOVED it. It got really busy but we knew what to do. We had nachos ready to go!” – fourth grader

The students had been working on their poetry for a month: writing, revising, writing some more. They had practiced reading their selected piece many times and were ready to read to an audience of their parents, friends and siblings. There was nervousness in the hallway as the students waited to read their poems and intense relief as they came back through the curtain when finished. We were taking a lot of deep breaths together!

“I was so nervous, I couldn’t breathe and then it was done.” fourth grader

Many thanks to our wonderful emcee team who set the tone before each poem and kept us chuckling.

Each student stepped up to the microphone to read their poem.
poetry cafe boy reading poem
The poems ranged from Haiku; Concrete; Advice; My Favorite Thing; Silent, Loud, Eternal; Jabberwocky and more.
As part of a Bayou Poetry Café tradition, we were delighted by a recital of the Jabberwocky by four 4th grade girls.
parent and siblings listening
We appreciated our supportive audience!

The next day, we counted the money and determined our net take after subtracting the amount we will need to buy supplies for next year’s café. We are currently trying to decide to whom to donate the money  we raised and many excellent causes have been suggested. We will use discussion and thoughtful listening to make this decision.

“Maybe we can take the money and split it up between a couple of the groups. “ – fourth grader

The students were proud to raise money to donate to a charitable cause.

You did an excellent job, Bayou students!