Welcome to the world of poetry in the Bayou classroom! Third and fourth grade students have been writing poems in a variety of poetic forms: Haiku; Concrete; Advice; My Favorite Thing; Silent, Loud, Eternal; Jabberwocky and more.


by a third grader

Slender shimmering torpedos
Rocketing through the water
Diving deep down
Circling their food
Together in a community

3rd & 4th graders writing poems
Writing poems together, making revisions


by a fourth grader

Water dripping down my body
Standing in the awesome waterfall
Just got done swimming in the sparkling lake
Feeling the cold clear drip as it goes down my legs
As it lands on my feet
Feeling like I want to go back into the sparkling water
But its time to leave
Need to dry off and go home
Wishing I can come back there again

How we write poems using a Writers’ Workshop model:

  1. We brainstorm “poetic” ideas, words and phrases in the style of a particular form.
  2. Students write their first drafts.
  3. They then read their poems aloud and ask for constructive feedback from at least two other students.
  4. The writer may choose to use the revision advice when writing second and third drafts.
  5. This is followed by another round of revision, editing and a final draft.
  6. We will share poems with our families and friends at our evening Poetry Café.

Grizzly Gruff Bear 

by a third grader

The mighty grizzly gruff bear gowls and griffles in fury
It’s bambling red eyes flaming and fiffeling in the deadly darkness
it’s drangeling jaws and riffling fur makes it the most ferocious beast in town
It grackled into town
Faced the gracani and
In one ferocious bite
The gracani was rampling in fear
The gracani was crumpled and frolicked no more
The mighty grizzly gruff beal gowls and griffes in fury