Over the next year, the Friends School of Minnesota community will be exploring and defining what we value and believe about diversity.  Stemming from our strategic planning work of two years ago, the school is beginning a community-wide process will help us to create a diversity and inclusion statement to guide our decisions into the future.

FSM’s Equity and Justice Committee and diversity consultants at DeYoung Consulting Services will help guide us. FSMN community members will participate in focus groups and an electronic survey to add their voices to this important discussion.

Here are some key messages about our process:

  • Your voice is important.
  • No voice is more important than another.
  • We are a learning community; we do not have the answers; we are moving together and trying to engage everyone in this process.
  • We are doing this to grow, not because we think we are doing things wrong.
  • Your truth telling and my truth telling will bring us to a greater understanding.

To help prepare, we will consider the following questions/topics:

  • What do you value most about yourself as a human being, a friend, or community member at the school?
  • What do you feel is the most valuable thing you have done within the school community that has worked to further the concept of valuing diversity?
  • What was one of the most rewarding times you’ve experienced during your time in this community? Explain what made it a high point and who were the significant people that were part of this experience, considering why were they significant and what skills or attributes did they or yourself contribute to the experience.
  • If you could look into the future to add just one thing to the school/community to enhance diversity and begin to mend the misunderstandings that tend to arise out of differences, what would that be?.

I look forward to working together on this important effort.